Shopper Bag – Amber Pines
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Travel Kit – Amber Pines

Messenger Bag – Amber Pines


•Belt strap on top makes it easy to carry and also helps to hang it on hooks
•Keeps the essentials inside safe.
•Waterproof lining inside
•High quality zippers to make sure everything stay inside.
•With 2 pockets it makes organising easier. A pocket outside for quick access and the main pocket to keep other essentials.
•Slim and lightweight for daily use
•Can be used to keep small to medium daily necessity items.
Design– Messenger Bag
Print: Amber Pines
Craft: Screen printing
Size: Large (L- 9 B- 11 W- 2) Medium (L- 6.5 B- 9.5 W- 1.5)
Material: High-quality cotton material makes it easy to clean and reusable.
Price: Large- 599 Medium- 499
Support a cause: We love to share a part of our earnings for different causes. It’s ‘You ad Us’ together for a better cause.

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