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Shopper Bag – Perky Birdie
Travel Kit – Perky Birdie

Shoulder Bag – Perky Birdie


• Strap on top makes it easy to carry and also helps to hang it on hooks
• Keeps the essentials inside safe.
• Flexible and great volume storage
• High quality zippers to make sure everything stays inside.
• It has a main pocket to keep objects and an inner pocket to keep other essentials.
• Slim and lightweight for daily use
• Can be used to keep all your travel essentials
Design– Shoulder Bag
Print: Perky Birdie
Craft: screen printing
Size: Large
Weigh: 20 g
Dimension: Zip Closure (L- 17 B- 13 W- 7)
Material: High-quality cotton material makes it easy to clean and reusable.
Price: 1199
Support a cause: We love to share a part of our earnings for different causes. It’s ‘You ad Us’ together for a better cause.

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