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Everyone is involved in some of the other business nowadays. You might be running a startup, or be employed in your favourite job or even be a CEO of some MNC. We all do something or the other to earn our livelihoods. But you know, not everyone gets a sweet sleep at night and of course, we are not referring to insomnia here. Our reference is to the peacefulness of sleep, the feeling of satisfaction that you get by social service, knowing that because of you someone else is sleeping peacefully, someone else’s mornings would be brighter and happier because of you and they wouldn’t be killing their hunger anymore.

But people today barely have time for themselves let alone they taking out time for engaging in social service. You might eagerly want to visit that Blind children institute or the old age home nearby, but you have client meetings or some college assignments back to back that keep you busy all day.

We do have NGOs all over the country working for such social causes, but, as citizens of this country, don’t we have any responsibility to do, as much is possible in our abilities, to serve the needy and less fortunate. Doesn’t being busy, not having a second to spare and all this being not your but governments duty, seem like silly excuses to neglect your duty?

All you need is the urge to do something good and all doors open for you automatically. There are mechanisms by which you can do your part from the comfort of your home.

The Stitch Company is one such manufacturing firm that gives you the opportunity to contribute for a good cause without you having to make a visit to any charitable home or associating with NGOs.  It is like you doing your part even without actually doing anything. You don’t have to specially take out time for this, just when you feel like buying some charming handmade bags, visit us.

Handmade Bags

With the Stitch Company, you can BRIGHTEN UP SOMEONE’S LIFE while doing something as simple as SHOPPING. On one side you would add something to your wardrobe and on the other side, a child would be getting better meals or education because of you. So precisely you are doing two things simultaneously, one for yourself and the other for the society.

How can your shopping provide someone education? Sounds confusing yet interesting, right? Well, don’t be surprised and read on.

We at The Stitch Company believe in “GIVING MORE THAN YOU TAKE”.

We manufacture a variety of handmade bags and one-fourth of the proceeds from our sales are donated for the growth and development of differently-abled children. We have partnered with various NGOs (“Wings of Autism” being one) across the country and part of your purchase goes to a charity cause of these special kids.

Could social service be any easier? Social services are FREE SERVICES and people engage in them selflessly, but through the Stitch Company, you can buy yourself the best handmade bags with unique print and designs and still be a volunteer for a great cause.

Image the level of satisfaction you will achieve and the happiness, each time you carry the handcrafted bags and you are reminded of the fact that while you are here, someone, in a faraway land and completely unknown to you, is getting a better life, better opportunities just because you chose to be judicious enough to add a handmade bag to your accessory.

We have millions of people who feel bad for the blind, the orphan or a cancer patient. They might also say a few words to sympathize with them and then simply move on with their lives. What good do they do except for fulfilling their material needs?  And then there is a handful of those who actually strive to bring a change through their contributions. You have to decide which category you fall in. you will anyways be buying that Nykaa nail-paint or Lakme lipstick that can cost as much as a thousand rupees. Why not add a unique handmade bag to your store of accessories that are handcrafted with love and affection and best of all that give something back to the society, because we take so much from it.

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