Women: The major contributor to the Handicraft industry

Most of us have grown seeing our grannies or nannies stitching and sewing clothes for their loved ones. Stitching has been one of the most loved hobbies of ladies for a long time. Not only a hobby but some women took stitching as their profession and came up with their boutiques. The scope of stitching, weaving, and sewing has widened so much that people now practice and learn fashion designing courses to be able to design and stitch clothes.

Stitching not only made women independent and occupied in their work but also served as a platform for earnings. Many women opted for stitching and started with their stitching works by purchasing the stitching machine.

What is Stitching?

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You might be wondering what stitching is or why are we focusing on Stitching, right! Well, The Stitch Company as the name suggests is all about stitching. The idea of stitching handmade bags led to the establishment of the Stitch Company. Therefore, today we are talking about stitching as it forms the basic part of our entity.

Stitching means the use of threads to sew a cloth. Stitching is one of the functions in sewing, weaving, knitting, embroidery, crochet, etc. whether done by machine or by hand. Stitching is done to give a shape to the cloth by sewing the threads in different patterns.

The types of stitches you need to know

  • The Running Stitch: The running stitch is the easiest and common stitch which beginners can start with. The running stitch starts with the back of the fabric i.e. the wrong side and bringing it to the front side slowly and gradually. One who has little knowledge of stitching will have an idea of running stitching.
  • The basting stitch: The basting stitch is the same as the running stitch the only difference that exists is that it is done ¼ inch to ½ inch apart instead of 1 centimetre as in the Running stitch. This stitch is also easy and fast to do if one gets hands on it.
  • The cross Stitch: The cross stitch as the name suggests the pattern or stitch here goes in cross i.e X pattern. This type of stitch is complicated as compared to running stitch and basting stitch. Under, this type of stitch one has to make X’s in fabric to complete the stitching of the cloth.
  • The Back-stitch: The back-stitch is the stitch that involves back to back-stitch creating a pattern of threads that is stronger as compared to other stitches that people opt for.
  • The Zigzag stitch: the Zigzag stitch is yet another kind of stitch that is popular. Under,this stitch a zigzag pattern on the fabric. It is one of the best stitching patterns for making buttonholes.

The most common stitches used in Garment Industry

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The garment industry is a huge industry, with n number of clothes being manufactured in different patterns, designs, styles. These clothes are stitched used different stitching techniques and machines which make them look adorable and pretty. Some of the common stitches used in the Garment Industry are as follows:

  • The Chain Stitch:This stitch is effective than other stitch types as it helps to fill the gaps in the garments. The chain stitch is usually larger and trickier but it is very useful in giving a proper shape to the garment. This stitch is costly as compared to the other stitches as it used more of thread in making a garment.
  • The Multi-thread chain Stitch: This type of stitch is used in making waistbands, jackets, blazers, etc. This type of stitch is known for its durability and strength. This stitch takes a longer time to sew as it consumes more threads and the pattern is slightly difficult to sew.
  • The Lock Stitch: The lock stitch is also known as single needle stitching. This type of stitching is made when two threads lock each other at minor intervals. This stitching looks like inside and outside the garment.
  • The Over lock Stitch: This type of stitch is very flexible and is used by manufacturers of sportswear, dance clothing, spandex, and other garments. This type of stitching is mainly used in over-sewing.

The Stitch Company makes handmade bags in different patterns like chirpie birds, pines, paprika using a different kind of stitches. The stitch company ensures the liable and strongest stitch is given to its bags so that they are durable and meets the need of the customers. The stitch company makes these handmade bags by using hand-block printing on them which is very unique and trendy. These hand-block prints on the handmade bags make these bags look stylish.

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