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Women: The major contributor to the Handicraft industry

There are some traditions and styles that have taken a comeback in this 21st Century. These styles, patterns are so unique and welcoming that now they are slowing and gradually capturing the Indian and Global Markets. As, the handmade works are taking place again and our oversizing the mechanized work, similarly the old art and culture are being revived again in today’s time.

Many of the beautiful and unique printing designs evolved in the late 90s but they were sidelined because of the upliftment of mechanized work. But, nowadays handmade work with old art and culture is taking a set back and our entering into the markets with full force. The handmade market in India has flourished so much that it is now edging towards the global markets. The handmade material in India is easily available and is fairly traded whereas handmade material in Global markets is costlier.

What is Handblock Printing?

The beauty of Handblock printing is so simple and classy that it attracts the customers. Handblock printing as the name suggests that the fabric is giving patterns or designs using blocks. Under, Handblock Printing wooden blocks are covered with dye and are pressed hard on the fabric to give it design. These blocks have different designs which when lured with dye give several patterns and designs on the fabric.

Handblock Printing is centuries-old art which is taken place again in the markets. Handblock printing was evolved in China which took place in India in later years. Handblock Printing is also known as “woodblock printing”, it is called so because of the wooden blocks that are being used to give printing designs on the cloth. Handblock printing is a rich tradition that is used in carving out designs on different products like suits, sarees, carpets, bags, and much more. Since ages, hand block printing has been majorly used in suits but with the increasing demand for handblock printing in different things, hand block printing is now being used in bags as well. Handblock printing on handmade bags exhibits the rich culture and uniqueness of the product.

What makes Handblock Printing Unique?

In times where machines make the products, here is a product that is crafted out of hands using hand blocks. Handblock printing is said to be so unique and special because of the originality that lies in it. Handblock Printing is said to be unique because of the following reasons:

  • Simple: Handblock printing is said to be unique because of the simplicity that it holds. Handblock printing is so simple yet classy that it can be worn out on any occasion. One can wear hand block printing attire at office, functions, casually, etc.
  • Ecological: Handblock printing is known to be unique as it is ecological i.e. it does not involves any machines, instead it involves the use of wooden blocks with dye on the fabric which makes it ecological and safe to wear for every skin type.
  • Different floral prints: Handblock printing is unique because of the different floral prints and patterns that are being used while printing the different fabrics. One can choose from a large variety of patterns.

Handmade bags made by Stitch Company using Handblock Printing

The Stitch Company is known for the handmade bags which they produce. The Stitch Company produces different varieties of Handmade Bags which can be used according to different purposes. The Stitch Company makes these handmade bags and sells them across the country thus raising the scope of handmade bags in India. The Stitch Company makes these handmade bags using hand block printing. The various handmade bags which Stitch Company manufactures are:

  • Utility Pouch
  • Travel Kit
  • Tablet Sleeve
  • Small Travel Bag
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Phone Bag
  • Shopper Bag
  • Personal Accessories Bag
  • Messenger Bag
  • Makeup Brush Bag

The Stitch Company makes its handmade bags using hand block Printing. Many manufacturers make handmade bags in India but the Stitch Company delivers something unique to its customers. Apart from making handmade bags, the Stitch Company gives patterns on these handmade bags using hand block printing. The Stitch Company makes use of hand block printing in its handmade bags because they believe in delivering the product which depicts the purity and beauty of Indian culture and traditions in a new form.

From where to purchase Handmade bags in India?

Thinking about purchasing a handmade bag and still getting confused about where to buy from? Well, The Stitch Company is here to give you the best quality handmade bag with trendy and classy design of Handblock Printing. So, order your handmade bag at www.stitchcompany.in


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